Erichsen Concrete Reservoirs

Our Flagship Erichsen Pre-cast Concrete Reservoir was designed and patented in 1964 as an alternative to conventional in-situ cast concrete reservoirs.
The Erichsen Pre-cast Panel Concrete Reservoir is widely preferred by engineers and mostly specified for use in the mining and municipal sector.

Key benefits:
– The Erichsen Reservoir complies with structural design criteria for Water Retaining Structures.
– Cost effective.
– Reduce construction time on site by almost 50%.
– Wall Panels are manufactured under controlled conditions in our factory.
– Sizes up to 2.5 ML and larger on request.
– On site erection by our specialized teams.
– Reservoirs can be open top or covered with a Galvanized or Concrete roof for storage of potable water.
– Reservoirs can be lined for storage of aggressive water.