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Being proudly South African, Water Infra prides itself on delivering simply the best liquid storage reservoirs and lining systems. With an exemplary track record of 50+ years of quality service in supplying the best products we stand behind our promise of giving each client only the best solutions for their liquid storage needs.

We supply storage solutions in fields as wide as the agricultural sector, Mining Companies, Municipalities, Forest Industry companies, Environmental Companies, as well as Private developers. Our service footprint extends into the farthest reaches across Southern Africa and beyond.

Our prestigious range of products include Pre-cast Concrete Reservoirs, Corrugated Zink-Al reservoirs, Composite Steel Panel Reservoirs, as well as our roto-moulded drinking troughs for stock watering, and storage for liquid fertilizer and mine water. 

We also supply and install our CPL 1500 linings in existing leaking reservoirs and earth dams, making us an all-in-one storage solution provider. No matter what you need, through our service, quality products, and top-notch solutions, we guarantee that we continually deliver and is simply the best in the business. Quality for us is non-negotiable.

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During the early 1960s, Mr. Salie Erichsen saw such a need that could be filled. He saw the lack of a simple yet cost-effective way in which water reservoirs can be constructed. This led to the registration of a patent for an ingenious method of doing just this- using pre-cast structural concrete panels to aid with the construction of reservoirs, and so Water Infra was born.